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Region M Waste Management District Services the Counties of Barton, Jasper, McDonald, Newton, and Vernon in Southwest Missouri.

Region M aims to reduce solid waste in landfills through source reduction, recycling  and programs designed to educate the public about the importance of conserving and recycling. We provide grants to entities that help divert solid waste from landfills.

In 1990, to facilitate regional planning for solid waste management, the Missouri General Assembly passed SB530.  This law provided guidelines for the formation & operation of 20 solid waste management districts within the state.  The REGION M Waste Management District was formed pursuant to RSMo., Section 260.305, and is officially recognized by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR).

The  REGION M district includes the counties of Barton, Jasper, McDonald, Newton, Vernon, and their participating cities.  Participation is voluntary and is formally established through a resolution of adoption filed with the district office by the member governments.



Joe Hardin, Chairperson - Vernon County Presiding Commissioner, Represents Vernon County

John Bunch, Vice-Chairperson - McDonald County Commissioner, Represents McDonald County

Tom Short, Secretary/Treasurer - City of Carthage City Manager, Represents the Cities of Jasper County

John Bartosh - Jasper County Presiding Commissioner, Represents Jasper County

Rauni Brown - Bronaugh City Clerk, Represents the Cities of Vernon County

Alan Cook - Newton County Commissioner, Represents Newton County

Keenan Cortez - Joplin City Council, Represents the City of Joplin

Lewis Davis - Mayor of Noel, Represents the Cities of McDonald County

Mike Davis - Barton County Presiding Commissioner, Represents Barton County

Ira Hawkins - Mayor of Granby, Represents the Cities of Newton County

Russ Worsley - City of Lamar City Administrator, Represents the Cities of Barton County

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